Teal sequin handmade women’s face mask

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Teal sequin face mask is new in our shop!

Why wear this teal sequin face mask?

Teal sequin face mask handmade in the USA may be just what you are looking for to complement your wardrobe.

These days, it’s nice to find a mask that is both lightweight and comfortable.  You will love these fashionable embroidered sequins on the front of the mask, as well as the soft stretch chiffon lining on the inside of the mask.


This is not a medical grade mask.

Tips when wearing a sequin face mask:

  • You have to be sure there are no sequins on the lining as from time to time they fall off.
  • The 3mm pearlescent sequins are machine embroidered on the mask, so they can come off if you pull them or snip them or shake them harshly.  Or a few may come off with washing or wear.
  • I don’t see any glue on them but in the production process there may have been a small amount of adhesive added to the fabric.


Care Instructions for sequin face mask:

Hand wash the teal sequin face mask, especially before using and throughout use to keep it clean.

Use mild detergent and wash separately.  Line dry.  Do not iron and do not bleach or boil.

Additional Details:

This mask is one of my favorites as it’s easy and soft to wear and easy to clean.  It does say hand wash on the material care instructions but I have also thrown it into the washing machine on a regular cycle as well as the dryer and it came out just fine!  That being said, be sure to follow the care instructions instead for best results and to keep the fabric from wearing out too quickly.

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Beautiful teal sequin face mask handmade in the USA.  Embroidered sequins outer shell is lined with cream white stretch chiffon.  The chiffon feels very smooth and not scratchy.

The chiffon content is 90% polyester and 10% spandex so hand washing in mild detergent with line dry is recommended.

This teal sequin face mask is handmade in the USA with imported materials.

We have designed the mask to be a snug fit.  If you need more information about measurements, feel free to inquire.

The ear loops are made with a stretchable mesh fabric which helps retain it’s form while also giving good elastic ability.

This is not a medical mask and should not be used as one.


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