Tayberry & Teakwood Wax Melt


Tayberry and teakwood scented beeswax melts make a nice addition to your Autumn gathering.

The item is about 2.4 oz USDA organic beeswax.

Can be used in electric wax warmers. The scent takes about half hour to take effect.

In addition, the fragrance is labeled as phthalate free and free of California Prop-65 reportable ingredients.

Keep away from flame, high heat, or sources of ignition. The wax is flammable.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. These wax melts contain synthetic fragrance which are not meant for consumption.

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Tayberry & Teakwood wax melts by Fresnell are a fantastic addition to a gift basket. Try this inviting scented wax melt today. This wax melt has a great scent that provides a strong woodsy and berry like aroma. You may enjoy using this scent for a variety of events where you may have guests or as a gift. For example, our hand poured wax melt can be used as a unique and practical housewarming gift.
In addition, this product contains USDA organic beeswax and phthalate free fragrance. This wax melt is a nice compact size so you can easily store it when not in use. Moreover, our Tayberry & Teakwood Wax Melt comes with a plastic clam shell case. We hand pour each wax melt and it’s our goal to provide a superior scent throw for your wax warmer.

Moreover, we love that the fragrance we use is free of CA Prop-65 reportable ingredients. Our Tayberry & Teakwood Wax melt seems like a good scent to use for a room you’d like to freshen up. For one thing, the benefit of using bees wax melts over traditional melts is that they do not contain many of the same harsh chemicals found in some store bought waxes. Sourced from bees, this wax is sustainable and provides such a nice wholesome scent that is sure to provide many hours of fragrance. Be sure to avoid smelling this wax melt up close. It may be too potent at close range. We hand pour each melt carefully and similarly hope you enjoy this amazing scent.

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