Vegan Lip Balm Strawberry


Amazing gentle smooth glide lip balm flavored with stevia sweetener and strawberry sorbet flavor oil. The flavor oil is labeled by the manufacturer as phthalate and formaldehyde free.

Try this yummy alternative to beeswax lip balms.

Vegan lip balm strawberry sorbet is so great! We hope you love this lip balm as much as we do. Sometimes, I find myself just applying it to smell the yummy strawberry scent. This lip balm is sweetened with Stevia sweetener so it really gives your mouth an extra zing. The balm has a minor grit due to the Stevia but overall it’s a really smooth glide lip balm.

We think we have an awesome product here and want to share more about it with our customers.

First off, our Vegan Lip Balm Strawberry Sorbet comprises of sunflower wax as a key ingredient. You’ve got it right! Sunflower wax. Not only that but we also use USDA organic sunflower oil. How cool is that that you’ve got a wax/oil combo in your vegan lip balm? You can not only think about sunflowers with this lip balm but you’re also applying that natural sunflower goodness to your lips!

We decided to use sunflower wax for this lip balm because some of the others waxes used in vegan lip balms are overly hard and waxy. We have tweaked the recipe over and over to come up with a good ratio of wax, occlusive oil, and flavor! It’s our secret recipe that we aren’t sharing with anyone! However, you are welcome to see all our ingredients below! In addition, other natural ingredients we use in this vegan lip balm are coconut oil and avocado oil. See the full ingredients list in the product tab below.

Each batch is made fresh thanks to our handmade scale shop. We can accommodate up to 100 pieces per order. Orders are prepared within 4-6 business days. Each lip balm we created is individually packaged with ingredient labels.

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Ingredients: Coconut oil Sunflower oil Avocado oil. Sunflower Wax Stevia in coconut oil Flavor oil Vitamin E oil Mica powder
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