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Beeswax Taper Candles, Set of 2, Lead free wick, USA Beeswax



Beeswax Taper Candles:

These lovely 100% beeswax taper candles measure about 8.5″ to base the base.

If you include the base, the candle measures about 10″ total. The wax is sourced from the USA and has a lovely natural fragrance.

I love making beeswax candles because the smell is wonderful even just making it! I also love that it’s not a synthetic scent. The natural beeswax scent is a really premium feature of this beeswax taper candle set.

Beeswax Taper Candles 

The color is also a nice golden yellow but not as deep as most other beeswax candles.

The weight of the candle is about a little over 2.7oz. You can order a set of 2 or 4 beeswax taper candles depending on the drop-down option that meets your preference.
The wick is cotton braided wick made in the 🇺🇲 USA and designed for burning beeswax.

The manufacturer of the wick states that It is a lead free cotton wick.

A lead free cotton wick is a great feature for natural beeswax tapers. This is because some wicks used in candle manufacturing include wire inside that may contain metals such as lead.

The cotton wick we use is not a metal core wick. This wick is a simple cotton braided wick manufactured expressly for use primarily in beeswax candles

This cotton wick will burn a little differently than a wick with a metal core but we think it has the benefit of being a more natural option nonetheless.

We also prime the wick with beeswax in advance of pouring the candle so that there is a more solid connection between the wick and candle wax. The hot wax adheres well to the waxed wick.

If you do not prime the wick sometimes small holes can form around the wick inside the candle and make the burn outcome different.

We take the extra step to prime the candle wicks in advance to help optimize burn time.

Use these natural beeswax taper candles, a nice set of deluxe taper candles at your next family reunion or dinner party.

Or they make a lovely gift candle set for a teacher or colleague. A gift candle set like this would be nice to receive if I wasn’t the one making it!

So I thought others would also enjoy it the same way! It really is such a lovely candle.

🚧 Caution:
Never leave candle unattended.

Please be sure to keep the candle on a hard surface like a table and free of any flammable materials near it. Also keep away from pets and children.

Do not use if allergic or have any negative responses when using. Consult a doctor before use if pregnant or nursing as the candle does have some soot as the wick burns.

🕯️Please safely trim the wick to 1/4″ after each use.

Candle holders to use for these beeswax taper candles:

This order of deluxe taper candles does not come with the lovely candle holder pictured (not handmade but imported).

You can order those from the drop-down option while supplies last.

Please use a suitable surface in case of candle dripping.

These pure beeswax taper candles fit snugly in an average size candle holder. Be sure that the candle is secure.
Discontinue use if you notice any cracks or breaks in a candle.

Temperature changes can cause some variable changes in pure beeswax.

Over time this 100% beeswax taper may develop a white powder if you don’t use it right away. It easily wipes off.

Processing Time:

All orders will take 5-7 business days to process. Please be advised that it’s best to wait a few days before using the candle.

These are made by hand as orders come in so they are fresh and may do well to have a few extra days before burning them.

I will out a note as to if you don’t have to wait depending on if the batch was made earlier. 🕯️


As a shop, we use exclusively UPS wherever possible. Please let me know if you have an address outside UPS as the shipping time will be a little bit slower.

I will do my best to get the best shipping experience possible for your order.
Currently we only ship in the USA.

(Globe is not included. ☺️)

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Dimensions 14 × 6 × 4 in


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