Beeswax Advent Candles for Advent Wreath Set of 4, Homemade Candles, Drip, Colonial Style, Premium Christmas Gift Box, Serene Burn


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Beautiful Beeswax Advent Candles

Beautiful beeswax advent candles for the Christmas Season.

***UPDATE:  Dec. 3, 2021***

All candles ordered from this date will be made one by one.  Please allow the candles to cure for a few days after you receive them.

They will drip more if not properly cured.  Thanks for your understanding.

Background Story:

In Catholic Churches around the world, Advent Candles are lit successively during each of the 4 weeks preceding Christmas.

Finally, on Christmas Day, the faithful light all 4 candles reaching the culmination of the Advent Season in expectation of the Birth of Jesus.


The first special point about these candles is that they drip!

If you are not a fan of that, use 7/8″ brass candle followers.  We tested these and they help the candle burn without any drip and also they burn longer!


While most candle advertisements are focusing on the “drip-free” nature of their candles, we’d like to highlight the rustic charm aesthetic of the dripping wax.

Do be aware that there is potential for the wax to drip on your surface or wreath so please plan accordingly on when to extinguish your candle.  Some of the larger chunks of dried drippings do come off once the candle has cooled.

We have slightly upgraded the candle wick to make the drip a little less!


These dyed beeswax Advent candles give no weird odors that other types of candle dyes may give off.

The pink candles are not quite good smelling as the purple candles.


For the pink candles, we use a lighter wax to achieve the pink hue.

We used a filtered white wax for them.  The pink candles were made with USDA organic labeled white wax imported.


They add a bit of finery to your table décor.

The purple candles also have a beautiful fresh beeswax fragrance.

These beeswax advent candles are not artificially scented.


We use beeswax sourced from the USA for our purple candles.

The smell is really nice!

To me it smells like chocolate or cocoa butter but some say it has a nice honey scent.

It is a nice smell and reminds me of the holidays or a relaxing spa retreat!


Many types of beeswax candles do drip, including these.  A slight draft or even walking by can cause this.

You might try to purchase some 7/8″ brass followers for this candle.

I have tested some brass candle followers and they worked lovely.

Follow manufacturer recommendations for follower usage and safety.

Remember, followers get very hot so don’t touch them while hot.


Followers are not included in this purchase. I bought the ones pictured on Amazon marketplace.


If you would like the link please let me know.


Candle Dyes & Colors:


Your candle set will arrive with 3 purple candles, and 1 pink candle in a round gift box.

Although colors on screen may not be accurate, the colors are pink and purple.


The hues are like the standard colors you might see at the Church advent wreath.

This wax has a lovely gold tone which we dye with soy based wax dye flakes at a level of about 0.2%.


For the pink candle, we needed a white beeswax so we used a wax sourced from India which is labeled as USDA organic.

The white wax based pink candles have a shorter burn time than the purple candles.


It does not have the distinctive smell of honey wax the other wax has.

The pink candles comes to a beautiful hue of pink by using the lighter colored wax for that candle.

Candle Safety:

  1. Inspect the candle to ensure there is no cracking or damage to the candle before lighting.
  2. Do not burn around pets or children
  3. Do not burn around any flammable objects.
  4. Secure candle firmly in fireproof candle holder, on fireproof surface.
  5. Be present and attentive when candle is burning at all time.
  6. Fully extinguish candle when leaving the room.
  7. Trim wick to 1/4″ after each use. Stop using candle when it reached about 2.75″ before the end of the candle.
  8. Due to potential for staining, keep candles on a stain proof surface.
  9. Candle may drip so please protect your table surface.
  • Materials:  Beeswax, Soy Wax Dye Flakes, Braided Cotton Wick
  • USDA Organic Labeled Wax for Pink Candle | Imported from India
  • Fragrant Wax from USA for Purple Candles


  • Candle weight ~2.7oz
  • Candle Size: ~10″ tip to bottom (including part that is put into candle holder)
  • Handmade with care!

Burn Time:

Pink candle about 6 hrs.

Purple candle about 8 hrs

With candle followers, the pink candle burned beyond 12 hrs.  And the purple candle burned about 12 hours.  There was also no dripping whatsoever with 7/8″ candle followers.


Do you like these candles?  Check out our natural beeswax taper candles here!

They smell great and the wax comes from a USA beekeeper with apiaries in SD and FL.

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