Apricot beeswax candle


Apricot beeswax candle is about 2.8oz of solid beeswax with formaldehyde and phthalate free fragrance. We use a parafin coated wick for a steady flame and burn. The candle is not overly scented and will create a nice aroma in a small room after about 30 minutes.

Be sure to extinguish the candle and safely trim the wick every few hours for best results.

This candle comes with a craft gift box. Perfect for holiday gifting, secret santa, or decor!

Please read more in the tabbed content for safety tips.

Safety first!
We care about our customers and want you to fully enjoy this beautiful scented beeswax candle. Here are a few guidelines when using it!

    Do not leave flame unattended or near children or pets. The candle is not for consumption.
    Do not expose the candle to ignition sources or any other flammable materials to avoid accidents.
    Do not lift the burning candle without safety gear as it may be hot.
    Be sure to extinguish the candle when finished using it.
    Be careful of dropping the candle. We have dropped it in testing a few times and no glass cracked but please be careful as shards of glass could scatter if the candle falls and breaks. The canning jars seem to be extra strong hence why we think they make a great candle holder for beeswax candles.
    Do not use if allergic to bees or beeswax.

We do not recommend use during pregnancy or nursing as any artificial fragrance may not be recommended or optimal.

Be sure to consult with physician before use of any medical condition is present that could be exacerbated by the fragrance or burning of the wick.

❤️ Please message us if you would like a plain beeswax candle with no fragrance added. We can accommodate!❤️


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