Custom wood name


Custom wood name plate.
About 75mm long and almost 4mm thick. The first letter is not attached to the print.

This would make a great personalized decoration for a gift or card.

Extruded in wood filament, this beautiful item has a rustic, shabby chic appearance. You can further decorate this piece with paint, glitter, or foil.
The crafting possibilities are endless!

We hope you enjoy your custom name plate. We don’t post process the name plate so you may want to sand and file to your liking! It comes to you with rough edges and spots that don’t look perfect. A bit of detailed hand sanding will really make it lovely! Be careful if sanding with an electric sanding tool as it may burn the wood or damage the piece. Hand sanding and filing is recommended for best results.

***Important:. This item is made of wood filament which is arguably not as sturdy as regular wood. It may be prone to damage and cracking moreso than a true wood piece. Handle with care! ❤️***

(Glitter bow is not included.😝)