White Gardenia Bees Wax Melt | Fresnell Scented Wax Melt 2.4 oz


Wonderful scent for Gardenia lovers! Handpoured beeswax melt made with USDA Labeled organic beeswax scented with a rich Gardenia floral fragrance.

This item is about 2.4 oz of scented beeswax in a clam tart mold.

Can be used in electric wax warmers. The scent takes about half hour to take effect.

Scent usually occurs within 30 minutes of melting two squares. May be strong so use less if desired.

Wax is flammable so please keep away from sources of ignition, high heat, or flame.
Do not consume. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

The fragrance is labeled as free of phthalates and free of any California Prop 65 reportable ingredients.