Foiled Envelopes Handmade Set of 10


We love Jane Austen and her novels. One of my favorite things in the Jane Austen stories is how impeccable the quality of writing in the Victorian times was. Writing and pen paling, whilst we easily take it for granted today, was the main way of communicating among friends who lived far from one another.

My wish was to replicate that idea of finery in letter craft that was felt in the Austen manuscripts.
While not everyone needs a nice shiny foil envelope with remastered art from the 18th century, it’s a nice conversation piece for those days you have snowed in or sitting around the table with family on a holiday.

This item comes with a ten pack of A2 card sized envelopes that fit the cards quite snugly and neatly.
The A2 card size is about 4.25″x5.5″.
**Cards not included.

We designed the envelope cutting file on Adobe Illustrator. We then found a great quality 18th century art piece that we remastered in Illustrator as well. Each envelope is printed on 100% cotton paper and made in the USA. We have created a nice decorative flap with foil embellishment over the floral deign envelope. The flap is peel seal so easy to send out nice letters securely for whatever occasion you desire.

Please feel free to contact us with more ideas for envelope designs or to help you design the perfect envelope for your thank you cards or other greetings.

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