Dye Heavy Organic Bamboo Velour Aquamarine LOVE 5 Step by Step Directions

Dye Heavy Organic Bamboo Velour

Dye Heavy Organic Bamboo Velour Fabric with Aquamarine RIT Dye 

Idea Phase:  

Received a beautiful heavy organic bamboo velour..   I loved the soft, luxurious feel of the heavy organic bamboo velour  (HOBV) and it really made my wheels start turning about what types of items to create with this fabric. 

 I have seen it used for face wipes and also absorbent pads. plan to try out its usage as a face cloth and cozy house slippers. 

The only drawback I felt with this fabric was that the color was not too appealing to me. I wanted to change that and give it a beautiful vibrant pop of color. 

Today, I dye the fabric from its natural cream color to aquamarine using RIT fabric dye.   


The steps were quite easy.  I used about a 12″ by 28″ sample strip to test.  When I cut the fabric, the shedding was quite apparent along the edges.  So be sure to keep your work area clean so it’s easy to wipe up the debris after you cut the fabric.  

Materials needed:

  • stainless steel pot or heat safe container big enough to hold your cloth
  • plastic utensil that you can use for dyeing.  
  • Also be sure not to use your cooking / food stuff.  Have utensils dedicated to dyeing 
  • gloves
  • salt
  • rayon bamboo
  • rit dye aquamarine 1/2 cap full of 8 oz bottle

Step by Step Fabric Dyeing Instructions:

To dye heavy organic bamboo velour, please follow these 5 simple steps.  

  1. Fill the pot with very hot tap water.  Soak the fabric by itself for a few minutes to get it wet.  Remove the fabric and place it to the side.  
  2. Be sure the pot is almost 3/4 full with hot water.  Add 2-3 tbsp of salt depending on your garment weight.  I guesstimated but this amount seemed to work for my fabric piece.   Stir until dissolved.
  3.  Add 1/2 cap of aquamarine RIT fabric dye into the pot.    Stir with plastic utensil. 
  4. Dip and submerge your wet fabric piece into the pot.  Submerge with plastic utensil.  Stir occasionally so that dye covers the whole piece of fabric.  Allow it to soak for 10-15 minutes.  I think I did 12 minutes.  If you are happy with the color, remove the fabric from the pot and rinse it in a stainless steel sink until the water runs clear.  
  5. Next, I put the fabric piece in the dryer.  You can also use the fabric dye fixative before drying it.  

I hope you are as happy with your fabric creation as I was making this today!   Did you try to dye heavy organic bamboo velour?  How did it work out.  Let us know in the comment section!  

There have been many times when I had a piece of dingy looking fabric, especially the organic fabrics look somewhat faded.  So it’s nice to add a pop of color to a well made organic fabric and dye heavy organic bamboo velour with the RIT fabric dye.  Best of both worlds to me! 

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