Brown envelopes A2 handmade

This is a beautiful set of 10 handmade envelopes with beautiful ornate white ink design on the inner flap and peel seal.

This envelope fits the A2 card size of 4.25″x5.5″

Our envelopes are each individually printed and hand folded to give you the best quality and workmanship in handmade stationery.

Envelope Paper Weight:

The paper is 65 lb weight card stock and feels sturdy.  You may be able to put them in your printer but probably only one at a time.  We have not tested this feature so be sure to check and see if your printer can handle 65 lb weight card stock.  And remember that the envelope will be double thickness of card stock.

Envelope Flap Design:

The beautiful ornate trim printed in white ink on the inner flap gives the envelope an air of Victorian charm.  We hope this type of envelope will remind you about the types of stationery the characters in Jane Austen novels must have created for their correspondence to friends and colleagues.

Peel Seal Closure:

We hand cut and place a peel seal closure on each individual envelope so that it’s easy for you to seal your letter.  The peel seal closures on these brown envelopes A2 handmade envelopes are quite handy.  The peel seal liner comes off without much effort yet it’s stable enough to stay on until you’re ready to seal the envelope.  The seal itself seems pretty decent although we don’t recommend mailing money or checks with this envelope in the rare instance that the peel would come loose.  This envelope is probably best used for pen paling or sending an invitation or thank you note.

Great Envelope for DIY Cards, Pen Paling, Handmade Thank You’s, or even Invitations

Do you create your own handmade cards and need an envelope that will match your handmade style?  These brown envelopes A2 handmade will help you achieve that look of crafty simplicity.

How do we make the brown envelopes a2 handmade?

All envelopes are handmade individually with the use of an electronic cutting and scoring machine.  The process is a bit time intensive so we require 3-5 business days to fulfill this order.  Most of our other items ship a little faster but we take extra time to make these beautiful brown envelopes A2 handmade.

Pretty enough to give as a gift!

The set of envelopes comes packaged in a cellophane bag with a stylish label on the outside.  We take pride in designing elegant packaging so that these envelopes are not only a gift to you but can also be given as a gift.  These envelopes make a great grab bag or gift box addition.  One can never have too many handmade, elegant envelopes!  The best part about running your own business is that you can make every item into a gift for your customer!  That is our goal with every order actually.

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Size fits A2 cards 4.25"x5.5" Made with 65 lb Kraft cardstock. We use white ink for the inner flap printing. Handmade in the USA.
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