Why Did I Start Fresnell

While I was pregnant, I considered that a job where I could work from home and also spend as much time being present to my family was the path I wanted to take after many years in academia and research.  I knew I wanted to engage in a work where I could employ my creative skills to create unique articles and items for others to enjoy.

I remembered also that while I was working in very busy jobs with a long commute, I often didn’t have a lot of time to shop in a store for special occasions.  I would end up giving people items that were just mediocre.  It was often tricky to find special, quality gifts for a loved one or friend, especially for occasions that are rare: say someone gets their doctorate or someone gets their driver’s license!  The recollection of this commonly encountered obstacle led me to pursue the idea of creating unique handmade gifts for those rare special occasions and beyond.


Why the name Fresnell?

While brainstorming some unique names for my shop, I had also been doing some hobby study of 3d rendering.  One of the topics the instructor discussed was “the fresnel effect.”  This effect describes how we see reflected light.  How we see the light intensity and reflectance on a surface is a factor of our viewing angle.  This immediately called to mind the very mysterious concept of how we discover joy also in our life.  It is based on our angle, our predisposition, or our perspective many times!

The idea that our perspective uniquely changes our experience called to mind the expressions of the character “Anne” in Lucy Maude Montegomery’s “Anne of Green Gables” novel.  Her beau Gilbert famously said “Anne it’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it.”   Anne often talked about the beauty around her in nature, particularly in those she loved.

So in  mirrored irony that this shop is basically a handmade shop in an era of technological excellence, I proudly claim my mascot is a charming and idealistic character from a novel written over a 100 years ago!

May Anne’s love of her family and her friends and God’s world of natural beauty be an inspiration to you as you peruse through my shop!  I hope that I can capture the character of Anne in the gifts that we present here.

Fresnell Logo

Please let us know if you have any special requests for new handmade products!