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Welcome to Fresnell Gift Shop

How did I select the name for this shop?  

I thought of the name while taking a 3d modeling course and learning about the fresnel effect.  This property has to do with how we see reflected light on a surface.  Depending on the angle, you see a different level of reflected light.   Here is a great tutorial on the fresnel effect.    

It made me think of life and how your perspective changes what you notice in the world.  If you stand close to the shore you can see the rocks and shells inside the water right at your feet.  If look at a more distant spot on the horizon, you see the shiny reflective waves.  You can’t not have both!  In life, we need a big picture and a zoomed up perspective as well.   

There is a fictional character I love named “Anne Shirley” of the Lucy Maude Montegomery “Anne” novels.  All of my creative endeavors remind me of her.  She had such a perspective on life and always enlightened her mind by the study of the natural beauty around her in Nova Scotia.  For a fictional character she is so true to life!  If you get this link, you’re most likely what Anne would call a “kindred spirit”.  

 Growing up in NJ and having the privilege to live in the Midwest as well as the big apple, I observed that there is so much natural beauty all around us.  Whether it be the Atlantic Ocean, the vast expanse of endless corn fields, or wistful seagull at the downtown pier, life is full of unique sights, textures, smells, and memories if we but change our “viewing angle” to notice them.  

Anne, if she was in the flesh today, would have a field day with the possibilities of life in the 21st century.  It’s a time when we actually like to go back in time to find our sense of home.  I hope you will enjoy perusing through my shop as it grows and hopefully it will enkindle the sense of the hidden mysterious beauty all around us,

About Me

My first memory of sewing was when my Mom gave me a scrap of fabric and a needle and thread when I was about 6 years old.  I went into a large coat closet in our home by the seashore, and from that moment I loved sewing! 

In high school, I volunteered for an elderly lady who worked at my grade school.  She needed help to mop her floors and clean her home.  She had arthritis so it was difficult for her to do the chores.   I was very fond of her at the school where she volunteered in the secretary’s office so it was a blessing to be able to help her.  

  She wanted to pay me, but I didn’t feel the need for the money.  I saw that she was an excellent seamstress (she ran her own dress shop for many years in Wheaton Illinois) so I asked her if we could barter.  Sewing lessons for housework it was! 

  Her name was Vita Lee.  I still cherish the cross-stitch pin cushion she gave to me. The many interesting stories of Tennessee life and her cute accent.  She would say she had to “warsh” the fabric.   

The pin cushion she made still smells like her sparkling clean apartment and brings back warm memories of the many cookies and tea goodies we shared together before sewing.

  My sewing teacher Mrs. Vita Lee has long since passed to her eternal reward, but she left me with a wonderful passion for sewing and attention to details in garment construction.

Favorite thing to sew

Outfits for my family!

Best Scent in my shop

Hands down peppermint! It's my favorite.


I'd like to make beautiful tees and embroidered scarfs for the shop but it will take some time to create!

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Fresnell Shop is a place for creative and quality handmade gifts.  We would love to hear what items you think we should make next!