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Fresnell Stationery and Gift Shop aims to provide distinctive cards, custom envelopes, fine handmade stationery, and unique gifts for special occasions.  When you need a touch of finery, take a closer look at what we have to offer!  Our friends tell us that we sell eye-catching products.  Similarly, people seem to love our handmade foiled envelopes and unique bridesmaid or maid of honor mugs.  For this reason, you may enjoy browsing our collection.  Also, remember to check out our latest assortment of envelope designs for your greeting cards and special occasion notes.  Some of the artwork we use are remastered designs from the 1800’s.  We use Adobe Illustrator and other software to create a crisp silhouette of the originals with minor hand drawn variations.  Above all, we hope you enjoy our handmade and custom creations.  Feel free to share our page with your friends and help us build a great shop.

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